Wheel Bearings

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The wheel bearing’s two primary functions include ensuring the wheel rolls along the road and supporting the weight of the vehicle. If you’re lucky, wheel bearings can last up to 150,000 miles. However, once your car has over 75,000 miles, the wheel bearings could start acting up at any time.The hub that encapsulates and carries the bearing is connected to the spindle, which is attached to the rest of your car’s suspension. You may notice a hissing, grinding, or “whirring” noise before the bearing fails. If this happens, don’t delay repairs—when the wheel bearings “go” they may take other parts out with them.
The most noticeable sign of a busted wheel bearing is a violent shake or “death wobble” that gets worse and worse the faster you go. Do not attempt to drive your car if this symptom appears, as it can be quite dangerous.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
SKF VKBA 3442 wheel bearings 4 mm 105 kg 400 r/min 741 kN
Toyana CX613 wheel bearings 111.125 mm 0.794 mm 79.375 mm 99.219 mm
Toyana CX568 wheel bearings 35 mm 13.843 mm 1.3 mm 23 mm
SKF VKBA 3491 wheel bearings 0.69 kg 4000 r/min 66 mm 2 mm
SKF VKBA 1384 wheel bearings 240 mm 3 mm 281 mm 460 mm
SKF VKBA 3572 wheel bearings 79.375 mm 68.1 kN 1450 r/min 8
FAG 713617260 wheel bearings 2000 rpm 286000 N 250.0000 mm 1.00 mm
SKF VKBA 3326 wheel bearings 31.4 kN 0.046 kg 27 mm 45 mm
SKF VKBA 947 wheel bearings 1.00 mm 2100 rpm 2.00 mm 280.0000 mm
Toyana CX511 wheel bearings 53000 N 39.70 mm 4500 rpm 45.000 mm
Toyana CRF-32010 A wheel bearings ZMaRC 1.250 in 0.3906 in 0.8750 in
SKF VKBA 733 wheel bearings 4.5 mm 6700 r/min 0.8 mm 44.45 mm